Nowadays, we see that the old trends are returning or that many new trends emerge. While determining our own style, buying gifts to someone else, we inevitably adapt to the new season fashion of the brands we are accustomed to and make our choices accordingly. Most people just settle for the products offered to them, even though they claim that they don't follow fashion and that they wear what they want. However, with a little research and experimentation, it is possible to create your own style by combining pieces from many different styles.

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In this life, everyone has a style with their view of life, way of expressing themselves, dressing and posture. For some, style is the biggest stance on life, for others it's just as much they've heard from fashion shows. But, as I underline in every article, knowing yourself and then creating a strong and solid style is one of the only elements that make you you.

Fashion has started to come back from the past to the present, although it is a field that is changing, developing and renewing. Usually vintage, retro models are popular, and old trends are back on the day. We call all these trends modernized with tiny touches Aesthetic Fashion.

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Fashion, which has progressed in line with certain trends since the 20th century, still embraces almost all trends in these days of the 21st century. One of the most important features of aesthetic fashion is that it has many different styles for it. In general, we can say that aesthetic clothes are elaborate outfits belonging to certain periods and styles. Of course, accessories are also very important for an aesthetic style. Stylish, high-quality and eye-catching pieces will always help to complete your style.

How can a girl look aesthetic?

Although there are some distinct aesthetic clothes, styles in many subcategories are also included. To give an example of those purchased on our site; 80s, 90s, soft girl, e-girl, vsco, tumblr, y2k, kawaii, indie, edgy, grunge, goth are among the most popular aesthetic styles.

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You don't need to try hard to look aesthetically pleasing. Of course, there are certain rules you should pay attention to, but it is still up to you to find the style that reflects yourself. The common feature of aesthetic girls is that they are well-groomed. Our essential rule is to be attentive and well-groomed from hair to nails. For this, I recommend that you create a special daily care routine.Keeping your skin clean, not delaying your manicure-pedicure, regular hair care are the most important steps in your daily routine. After we have our personal care under control, we come to the fun part!

How do you dress like an aesthetic?

I always enjoy making combinations with aesthetic clothes. If you don't want to take risks, you can create various combinations from the outfits there by selecting the "Aesthetic" section from the "What's your style" tab of Cosmique Studio. This will be quite easy and within the safe zone.

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But if you enjoy playing with clothes and combining different styles, you can dress up aesthetically by combining well-cut and quality products and adding a few small accessories. My advice is don't be afraid to put different pieces together! Add attention-grabbing products with your style so that you can make a difference. Although it is easy to dress in a stable, you should get out of the safe zone and try innovations to be interesting.

How can I look cute and aesthetic?

The best way to figure out aesthetic outfits and cute combinations is to search. Useful activity to learn about style is of course reading blogs as it is right now. In addition, you can get inspired visually by examining the sections on the pages of online stores. But my main source of inspiration is always "Pinterest''. The easiest way to reach aesthetically pleasing visuals, and also the most informative place is Pinterest.

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My humble advice is, of course, to research styles and have knowledge, but to find clothes that you love, feel good and comfortable in, rather than what is imposed on you at the end of the day, and adapt to your daily life.

Where to buy aesthetic clothing ?

I don't think you need to do much research for this. Cosmique Studio always offers you the opportunity to purchase many new aesthetic outfits and take advantage of special discounts. Moreover, you can have an idea about our products by following us on the Instagram account, and you can get ideas from the combinations we have prepared for you. Don't forget to follow us, like our posts and share your comments with us!

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